Adventure Beaks Game Review

Adventure Beaks is an awesomely fun platform runner with extremely high replay value.

You play the roll of an elite squad of nature’s cutest, and coolest, flightless birds, on a quest for treasure, relics, and an assortment of cute, and kick butt, clothing options.

By timing jumps and dives perfectly, you keep your penguins alive for another run, and achieve some great pick-ups.

The swiping mechanism by which you control your penguin trooper is smooth and crisp and allows you to pull off some sweet moves on glaciers and over, and under, the water.

With always more treasure to collect, intense action gameplay, and cute penguin characters to customize, Adventure Beaks is an addictive platformer that you’ll play over and over again.

•Fifty levels of intense and captivating gameplay.

•Over one hundred insane side missions.

•Hundreds of clothing options to customize your elite penguin squad.

•Challenge levels increase your skill and provide extra-sweet pick-ups.