5 Fun Video Game Apps to Play

Electronic games can prove to be the best form of recreation. Better interface as well as improved graphics, fascinating storylines and enhanced user experience are the factors that make video games highly immersive.
Hereafter is an introduction to five fun games that have charmed the gamers.

1. Super Mario

Super Mario has been immensely popular amongst generations ever since it was released in 1985 by Nintendo. The game features a mascot named Mario. Many series of Super Mario have been released over the time and though each series has different theme, yet there are certain elements and characters that are common to all versions. The video below is a preview of one of the versions you can play. Have a look at the gameplay action.

The objective of the game is to overcome the hurdles, explore the elements and solve the puzzle without dying thus rising to next level. With single to multiple exit-objectives and 2.D to 3.D format, Super Mario iOS game has been a beloved of gamers for more than three decades escpically the amount of downloads that game have like Super Mario Run for ios phones and tablets..

2. Minecraft

Minecraft is a classic sandbox game that has been an all-time favorite of gamers. Making use of blocks, gamers build three dimensional objects. A gamer can play with their imagination creating whatsoever they want in a single or multi player set up. As a matter of fact, it is a combination of fighting, farming, building, survival, exploration and horror.

There are no specific goals to be achieved or missions to accomplish yet it offers a world of possibilities for its players. Running in the cycle of day or night, a player has endless options of building the objects to perform various tasks. The game offers two more dimensions besides real world of Minecraft. With five modes namely survival, adventure, hardcore, creative, and spectator the world of Minecraft can be anything but boring. Minecraft can be played on ios and android devices with download.

3. The-Legend of Zelda

This game is an action-adventure game that offers its players a unique gaming experience in the form of puzzles. With a mesmerizing interface, breathtaking music and a great storyline, the game takes its players to an enthralling adventure.The gamer is given certain abilities and items to explore and solve the puzzles. Each proceeding level rewards the player with extra abilities. The game constitutes an overworld that allows multi directional movements and provides an arena for action.

It also has an exploration or interaction area that allows the gamer to gather items and advise they need to solve the puzzle. Finally it has dungeons that are built in maze or labyrinth layout. The players have to explore these dungeons and discover the missing puzzle pieces with the help of a map. While the classic version of the game is merely action and exploration based, some later series also involve role-playing making it an all-round epic. For some of you fans out there that like this game, the you might have to check out this app for ios.  This app ios called News for Legend of Zelda is set up for you to get tons of guides, cheat codes, latest news, and cool wallpapers that are always updated.

4. Resident Evil For iOS and Android

Resident evil is single-player, survival-horror game that has captured the interest of gamers across the world. With 3D polygonal-characters, the game renders a real time experience to the player. The player is part of a force that is trapped inside a mansion.The objective is to survive the mutants who are also there in the mansion ready to attack you.

The player is equipped with certain weapons and has the option to heal himself in case of any injury as a result of combat. Perfection of fluidity, design, of control and an amazing storyline are the features that make this game an absolute hit with the gamer that is playing.

5. Angry Birds App for iOS

Angry Birds has gained recognition as one of most exciting and fun filled games in recent years. The game is built in various set ups with main theme more or less being the same. Birds (with different color, level of anger and trajectory) are slingshot by the player at the entrenched(green colored) pigs.

With playful layout and joyful audio Angry Birds no doubt is a favorite game of players of all age groups.